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We are changing our name!

We are going back to the old company names: IPP, PAKi, PRS and individual production companies. This means that the name, Pooling Partners, will be replaced by the names by which the individual companies used to be known in their own markets.

Why are we doing this?

We see more opportunity for each Faber Halbertsma Group company to position themselves using a distinct brand label, with a common look and feel to retain the solid back-up of the Faber Halbertsma Group. The rebranding is an investment in our future business and serves to build a strong platform to allow our businesses to thrive.

When are we going to do this?

The usage of the new brand names will begin to start immediately. By the end of March 2019 all the companies will use their new name.

What are we going to call ourselves?

The new brand names will be in most cases similar to those heritage brands used by the individual businesses prior to the introduction of Pooling Partners. The list of brand names:

  • IPP
  • PAKi
  • PRS
  • NAUS
  • T&A

Business as usual

The rebranding will have no effect on our daily work.