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Production process

Phoenix invested more than 6 million euros in the modernisation and sustainability of the Hasselt plant in 2018. How does the production process actually work?

1. The Sawmill

Phoenix always stocks a 3.5-week timber supply - dry and wet. The timber is kept outside the sawmill, ready to be cut to size for further processing. We also own a CNC plane/saw combination with an extensive range of options to cut large volumes at higher speeds while planing at the same time for a smoother finish. 

2. The Assembly Workshop

Once the timber has been sawn to size, it is moved to the 'Assembly Workshop'. Phoenix has several production lines that are capable of producing every conceivable type of pallet. We produce approximately 20,000 pallets a day in our modern, automated production lines. We intend to invest heavily in our production lines in the years ahead. 

3. The Drying Chamber

The pallets are often heated and dried in the new drying chambers. Heat Treatment is the most common treatment used to kill all possible parasites. Phoenix now has its own, very modern and clean biomass plant. That way, Phoenix is able to limit CO2 emissions to a minimum and our drying rooms are self-sufficient. 

4. Shing and Storage

When the pallets are ready, they are sprayed, where necessary, with biodegradable paints of the correct colours. After that, they are stored in one of the drying warehouses. Phoenix recently opened two more warehouses. We can store enough pallets for a total supply of four weeks. That’s why Phoenix is often able to deliver its products so fast!