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Customized pallets

In addition to standard-sized pallets, we also supply pallets for various other applications where we adapt the dimensions to match our customers’ requirements. 

Single deck 2-way pallet

One of our simplest pallets, but a true "powerhouse". This pallet is capable of carrying heavy loads thanks to its strong, yet simple construction. These pallets are primarily used in the construction and chemistry industries. The size and design are tailored to our customers’ products and logistics processes.

Double deck 2-way Pallet

Durable pallet with a construction consisting of an upper deck, girders and an underdeck. This construction is often used for storage and the shipment of bagged goods. These pallets are available in one-off and multiple-use versions.

Round-trip 4-way Pallet

The pallet of choice for roller conveyors! The pallet construction consists of a flat underside that allows the pallet to run in different directions on a wide range of transport systems. The flat undersides of these pallets make it possible to stack several loaded pallets on top of one another. These pallets are available in one-off and multiple-use versions.

Cross-deck 4-way Pallet

As the name implies, the cross-deck pallet is designed with a crossed underdeck. These pallets are primarily used for the storage of bagged goods. The special underdeck construction prevents the bags from being damaged when loaded pallets are stacked on top of one another.

4-way Bridge Pallet

The Bridge pallet is suitable for a wide range of applications thanks to its simple but functional construction. We can produce various different designs and dimensions in large and small batches. This enables us to offer customer-specific bridge pallets at attractive prices.

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